Top Things to Do and Places to See on Your Las Vegas Vacation – vegas Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the busiest cities in the U.S., and most of the activity is centered on tourists. If you’re planning a Vegas trip, there are some top things to do and top places that you must see while you’re in town.The biggest lure of Las Vegas for the tourist is the plethora of casinos where they can test their luck at a variety of games of chance. You’ll find everything from roulette and blackjack to slot machines and poker, all in the glitziest casinos to be found anywhere in the world. There are entire Vegas trips that are arranged for the gambler – and may feature play at one or more casinos, or tournament action. Vegas can definitely be considered a town that caters to the gambler. Most of the casinos in Las Vegas are located on the world-famous Strip, and there are many, many new hotels that have been built there as well during the past decade or so, and still more in the works. This is the biggest growing section of the city. Take a stroll on the Vegas strip to see the fabulous Luxor pyramid, Excalibur, New York, New York and more.A visit to Las Vegas should also include a trip to downtown Vegas, also referred to as “Old Vegas”, located on Fremont Street. It is here you will experience the glamour of the old-world Las Vegas that you likely saw in gangster films – and it is this section of the city that was the hub of activities before everything started moving to the Strip.Stop by the Golden Nugget, located on the corner of the Strip, for some traditional shrimp cocktail, served the same way for over a hundred years. The price has remained the same for the past four decades,.99 cents, but was recently raised another dollar to keep up with the economic times. You’ll love the Golden Nugget’s atmosphere and nostalgic décor.Transport yourself across the seas without setting foot on a boat to glimpse the Eiffel Tower, a replica of the famous Parisian landmark. This is where you’ll find the best views of Vegas’ dancing fountains; the sidewalk at the Café at Paris hotel also provides optimal views of the aquatic wonders.Tour the magnificent gardens at the Bellagio, which are changed six times each year to a new theme. Tours of these beautiful gardens are absolutely free – and you’ll also see some extravagant fountains as well.Surprise the little ones on your Vegas trip with events just for them, like the world-famous Circus, Circus – which features astounding circus acts and a thrilling amusement park with tons of rides for teens and younger kids. The world class circus acts of Circus, Circus are free of charge. You can also get in to see the Lion Habitat at the MGM, and if you arrive at 4 p.m., you’ll be there during feeding time – and there’s no better time to see these ferocious cats.The new Wynn Resort, which is situated across from Trump Tower, is a Vegas-must-see that is complete with an eighteen-hole golf course ($500 per round), a Ferrari showroom, and offers laser light shows (no charge) that are held on their manmade lake.Last of all, taking in a few Vegas shows is mandatory for your Vegas trip. From performances by Cirque du Soleil at the Wynn, Beatles Love at the Mirage, Cher or Elton John at Caesar’s, magician Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo, or America’s Got Talent competitor Terry Factor at the Hilton Las Vegas.These are just a few of the offerings that are available to you when you vacation in beautiful Las Vegas – there are literally hundreds if not thousands of other things to do and see in this Mojave Desert city.