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For people who like the fast fun that a casino can offer, you can craft related things for decoration in your home. There are a lot of people who love casinos. That’s why they get so much business every year. Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno; all of these towns are crammed with people who like to gamble. Unfortunately, most people don’t live near these casino towns. They can only get their casino fix while on vacation.In order to bring some of the fun and glitz of the casino to your home, you can make decoration crafts that add that kind of flair. Choose a room in your home that will be decorated in the casino fashion. There are several ways that you can decorate so that it makes you feel like you are back in Las Vegas. For starters, you can make an awesome lit up sign that mimics the neon ones you find in casino filled cities. Pick up some rope lights at your local hardware store and then fashion them into different shapes and designs. Use several different colors to further add creativity to the scene.For a well-crafted casino room, you may also want to paint the walls black. Casinos are generally dark and are often visited mostly at night. To bring that feeling to your room, paint the walls and ceiling either black, or a very dark blue or purple. With the faux neon signs and dark walls, you are already well on your way to a casino themed room.

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If you enjoy gambling it’s tough to beat the excitement of Las Vegas. When it comes to gambling Las Vegas has something for everyone and every level of gambler out there.Here are some great tips for gambling in Las Vegas.The gambling options in Las Vegas are practically endless.Vegas has everything from video poker, to slots, sports betting, blackjack, poker, bingo and the list goes on. And you can do these things in almost any type of environment depending on whichever casino you decide to visit.Here’s some basic advice on gambling in Las Vegas.
Most casinos offer free lessons on a variety of games — craps, pokers, roulette and more. Check out for free lessons at your casino.

Be sure to spend some time watching the game you want to play to get a feel for how things go.

You’ll learn basic things like how, when and where to place your bets.

You’ll know if or when you should touch your cards in card games, throw the dice in craps games, etc.

Check the minimum and maximum bets at each table before sitting down to play.

Be sure to observe how you bet. The last thing you want to do is bet two grand when you meant to be twenty bucks.

And vice versa if you end up winning your bet! Ouch!
But before you get sucked in to acting like a high roller, remember some of these cautionary tips for gambling in Las Vegas.

Everything favors the house – the las vegas casinos survive because they make money. They make money because the odds are in their favor.

You can have fun in Vegas and gamble and not go broke. Pick your games carefully, bet carefully, keep an eye on your bankroll and know when to stop.

Don’t drink and gamble. There’s a reason the casinos encourage drinking in their gamblers. It encourages bad decisions.
Don’t be intimidated if you haven’t gambled in a casino before. The casinos want you to gamble and they want you to have fun so you’ll come back.

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Each year, the local Las Vegas Newspaper, the Review Journal, publishes a special issue of “The Best of Las Vegas”. The categories selected range from local businesses, entertainment, sports, locations, dining and hotels and related services. The selection process is nominations from the readers of the paper as well as their editor’s picks.To summarize the favorites selected, which will help you plan your next visit to Las Vegas, here’s a recap:The “Best Strip Hotel” selection is the Bellagio according to the readers and Caesars Palace as the RJ pick. The Bellagio continually is the readers pick while Caesars Palace continues to update and re-invent itself. For the Downtown area, the reader’s pick is the Golden Nugget, the crown jewel of downtown which provided many updates this year such as the Shark Tank rising out of the swimming pool, new buffet, Lillie’s Noodle House and more. The RJ pick for the downtown area is the Golden Gate Hotel with its 99-cent shrimp cocktails.All of the hotels feature their own special dining choices, from buffets, coffee shops to gourmet rooms. The “Best New Restaurant” category went to the Hachi Modern Japanese located in the Red Rock Hotel Casino as the Reader’s choice and the B&B Ristorante in the Venetian as the RJ’s pick.Other dining categories selected are: “Best Coffee Shop”, the Café Bellagio as selected by both the readers and the RJ staff, “Best Seafood Restaurant” is Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab Restaurant in the Forum Shops, the Reader’s pick, and Michael Mina at the Bellagio as picked by the RJ, “Best Gourmet Restaurant” is the Bouchon in the Venetian (Readers pick) and the Mix in Mandalay Bay (RJ), “Best Mexican Restaurant”, Gardunos located in the Fiesta Ranch Hotel (Readers) and Casa Cocina in the Cannery Casino (RJ).Other selections are: “Best Italian Restaurant” is Terra Rossa in the Red Rock Hotel Casino (Readers) and Terra Verde at Green Valley Ranch (RJ), “Best Steakhouse” is an old favorite, The Steakhouse located in Circus Circus (Readers pick) and the Canal Street in the Orleans Hotel and Casino. For Asian food, the readers pick was PF Chang’s China Bistro in Planet Hollywood Hotel while the RJ’s selection is Ping Pang Pong in the Gold Coast. Let us not forget the Las Vegas Hotels staple, buffets. The reader’s pick for the “Best Buffet” is the Buffet at Ballagio and the RJ’s pick is Le Village Buffet in the Paris Hotel. The reader’s pick for the “Best Brunch is split between the Buffet at Bellagio and the Bally’s Steak House while the RJ choice is the Broiler located in the Boulder Station Hotel on Boulder Highway.For the best Breakfast specials, the reader’s pick is any of the locations in Station Casino’s but the RJ picked “Wild” at selected Station Casinos. Lastly, for food, let us not forget Shrimp Cocktails, a long time favorite in the Las Vegas casinos. The reader’s picked the shrimp cocktail at the downtown Las Vegas Golden Gate Hotel while the RJ selected the Hacienda Casino by Boulder City.

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#1 – Casino Poker Chips Come In Three Types OnlyThere are several different materials that are used to make poker chips. However, the three main manufacturers that design Las Vegas casino poker chips use only three different types. They are all approximately 1-1/2 inches in diameter, but the weight varies; mainly due to composite, design, and how intense the dyes are.#2 – Clay Chips Aren’t Used – Clay Composite and Ceramic Are PopularMost visitors to Las Vegas and Atlantic City are surprised to find that clay chips aren’t used. Introduced in the late nineteenth century, the clay chips broke easily. Instead it is a clay composite, that contains mostly high impact and very durable polymers. Ceramic chips are also becoming quite popular.#3 – Designs and Colors Are Casino-SpecificThe designs and colors are specific to the casino they represent, but the variance in weight will stay very close to ten grams. You might ask what is so special about ceramic chips. For one thing, it is a solid body, rather than the combined chip with an inlay that is used so traditionally by casinos. They are substantially stronger and more durable, impossible to tamper with, and very difficult if not impossible to counterfeit.#4 – Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas – First To Use Clay Composite Die Cut Metal Foil ChipsClay composite chips, with a design in die cut metal foil, was used when the Flamingo Casino opened. However, the casino poker chips changed in the 50’s to chips with logos, and house designs, plus some sort of strip or spot on the edges, to identify the casino in which they were being used. Some chips today are metal and coin-like, with plastic outer edges. Today, all casino chips are unique and identifiable to the house they belong in, copyrighted and secure.#5 – Lots of Choices For Casino Chips For Home PlayPeople who are looking for chip sets for home play have more choices. There are composite metal core chips, that are extremely durable. Basically they are made up of a metal slug surrounded by plastic. They can be individualized by decal or hot stamp, and feel and look very much like the Vegas chips.Most of them are manufactured in Taiwan, and the quality is not always consistent. Request a sample from the seller before you buy them. The Chinese chips often are lower in quality than those of Taiwan, probably because they have poorer quality control methods. The prices are quite similar.#6 – Plastic Chips Are An Inexpensive Alternative Good For Home PlayIf you are just exploring your interest in poker and don’t want to make an expensive investment as yet, plastic chips are the answer for you. You can get them almost anywhere, from cheap ones in the toy aisle of discount stores to heavier, more substantial chips that weigh up to seven grams.They are easily damaged, lighter than regulation casino poker chips, and not very easy to stack. If you are looking to invest in true quality, and price is no object, check into simply taking home chips from the casino you play in and using them at home. They can always be returned next time you visit, and they won’t deflate in value.Now that you know the various poker chip designs and makes, you should be able to make a more informed decision about which type of poker chip you want to buy.

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Unlike many other jobs offered at Las Vegas casinos, if you want to become a dealer, you need to complete a course at Dealers’ school before you can start work. Many schools in the Las Vegas area offer courses, and some casinos will provide this training to new hires. The course is not a lengthy one; you can expect to finish your training in six weeks or less.Some dealer schools offer job placement assistance and tips on preparing for interviews in the gaming industry. If so, be sure to take advantage of the help offered. You want to project the right kind of image if you want to get hired by a Las Vegas casino as a dealer.One Las Vegas dealer job available is that of craps dealer. Working the craps table takes four people. One person, the box attendant, is responsible for supervising the progress of the game. This individual is also responsible for making decisions about whether a particular roll of the dice was a valid one or not. Another person, known as the stick, is the one who pushes the dice toward the player before a roll.Two craps dealers are located at the other end of the table and are responsible for handling cash and providing players with chips. They make pay the winning players and collect the money the less fortunate players bet in the game.To be a successful craps dealer, you must be able to think on your feet. This is a fast-paced game and you need to have a clear head to follow the action. Your hourly rate of pay won’t be very high; you can expect to make between $6.00 and $9.00 per hour. Most of the money made by craps dealers is attributed to tips from players. An outgoing person who is able to make a connection with players is likely to do well at this type of work.You may also be interested in finding work as a poker dealer. Once again, you will be expected to take a course to get the necessary skills before applying for employment. The course you choose should cover such topics as handling cards, techniques for dealing cards, game rules, how to control the table, and how to interact with players.Blackjack dealers in Las Vegas also need to have completed a special course before getting hired. The course should cover the rules of the game as well as how to deal from a single deck or a double deck. Shuffling machines should also be covered, since this piece of equipment is often used in casinos. You will be shown how to cut the cards, the proper technique for laying out the cards, and how to make payoffs to winners. Being able to control the game is also part of the job, so you will want to make sure that this important topic is covered in your course.Your first job after finishing your dealer training course may be at one of the smaller casinos. You need to have a certain amount of experience before you will be considered ready for employment at one of the larger gaming establishments. These positions will probably be more lucrative for you, since much of your income will come from tips.If you are an outgoing person who likes to see people enjoying themselves, becoming a dealer in Las Vegas may be a good job choice for you. Whether you work in this capacity for a short time or make it a long-term career, you are certain to find it a memorable experience.

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New York New York Hotel & Casino is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. A visit to this casino is close to an actual visit to New York City, complete with the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. This resort facility replicates the New York skyline, including the Empire State Building. The lower floor of the casino is surrounded with small shops like one would see if in the City itself.A tourist standing on the second floor balcony is treated to the view of the casino floor and the shops that border the casino tables and games. If you come to the casino from across the street, you can come over the bridge that crosses the Strip directly into the New York New York second floor.The hotel amenities are first class with well-appointed rooms and extras, if wanted, like whirlpool baths. They do offer special packages if confirmed via the Internet or phone. It is worth the effort to arrange a package deal, as there could be a savings on the room rate for a several days’ stay.The casino offers a normal range of Las Vegas gaming and excitement. The other offers of the casino are a sports book and an old time Irish Pub. There is also a stage show with different entertainers throughout the year. The shops that border the casino floor offer a variety of items and food services. The ambience of the entire facility is intended to make the guest feel the vibes of a New York visit.With its location in the heart of the Strip, the New York New York is convenient to any of the other Las Vegas attractions that a visitor wants to see while in town. As with most Las Vegas casinos, they do have special accommodations for VIP guests who are above average gaming enthusiasts. If a customer wants special treatment, the way to get it is to ask for it. Let the hotel know what you want; you may be surprised at how easy it is for them to arrange for your desires.There are many unusual places to visit and stay in Las Vegas. The New York New York should be on any visitor’s list of places to see while in town. Stop in for a bite to eat, a drink, and maybe a little table action. This casino is worth the visit for any tourist. The New York City feeling is remarkably real to all who stop by.

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The Orleans: Like the Strip but not on itMost of the off the Strip places are more basic than the massive hotel casino complexes along the Strip; however the Orleans is something of an exception to this rule. The Orleans is a full hotel casino complex offering a large number of rooms as well as many of the same features and amenities one would expect from a place on the Strip. However, since they are not on the Strip the price is much lower and offers a truly excellent value for the money. The Orleans has 1,886 hotel rooms and all of them are considerably above average for the price, being large, well appointed and offering many of the amenities you would expect to find in a much more expensive place.Like the hotel, the casino too is totally on par with those you would find on the Strip or in the downtown area. The casino spans 142,000 square feet, meaning it is completely comparable to many of the better known casinos on the Strip. As is usually the case, much of this space is taken up with slot machines, but they also offer the full compliment of standard table games found in Las Vegas: Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow, Roulette, and Three Card Poker. Further they offer one of the best poker rooms you are likely to find in Las Vegas, but without the professional players that are likely to take you for all you’re worth.The Silverton: A Quiet Little LodgeLocated on Blue Diamond Road, southwest of McCarran International Airport, the Silverton is like most off the Strip places in that it largely promotes itself to locals, though it is close to an RV park and receives a lot of tourists that drive to Vegas in their motor homes. The place is most popular with older people, meaning that it is usually fairly quiet and peaceful compared to the circus-like atmosphere found in many of the Strip places. The Silverton has 300 rooms, but they are all excellent values for the money and provide most of the amenities one would expect to find in a higher end hotel.Like the rest of the hotel casino, the casino is also comparatively small and quiet as well. In line with their efforts to appeal to seniors, the obvious emphasis of the casino is on slot machines and they have more than a thousand different games available. They devote particular attention to nickel and quarter slot machines. Despite the focus on slots, they also offer most of the standard table games you would expect to find in a Las Vegas Casino: like Blackjack, Craps, Mini-Baccarat, Pai Gow, Roulette, and Three Card Poker. One of the best things about their casino are the minimum bets which are significantly lower than you might find elsewhere.

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Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the busiest cities in the U.S., and most of the activity is centered on tourists. If you’re planning a Vegas trip, there are some top things to do and top places that you must see while you’re in town.The biggest lure of Las Vegas for the tourist is the plethora of casinos where they can test their luck at a variety of games of chance. You’ll find everything from roulette and blackjack to slot machines and poker, all in the glitziest casinos to be found anywhere in the world. There are entire Vegas trips that are arranged for the gambler – and may feature play at one or more casinos, or tournament action. Vegas can definitely be considered a town that caters to the gambler. Most of the casinos in Las Vegas are located on the world-famous Strip, and there are many, many new hotels that have been built there as well during the past decade or so, and still more in the works. This is the biggest growing section of the city. Take a stroll on the Vegas strip to see the fabulous Luxor pyramid, Excalibur, New York, New York and more.A visit to Las Vegas should also include a trip to downtown Vegas, also referred to as “Old Vegas”, located on Fremont Street. It is here you will experience the glamour of the old-world Las Vegas that you likely saw in gangster films – and it is this section of the city that was the hub of activities before everything started moving to the Strip.Stop by the Golden Nugget, located on the corner of the Strip, for some traditional shrimp cocktail, served the same way for over a hundred years. The price has remained the same for the past four decades,.99 cents, but was recently raised another dollar to keep up with the economic times. You’ll love the Golden Nugget’s atmosphere and nostalgic décor.Transport yourself across the seas without setting foot on a boat to glimpse the Eiffel Tower, a replica of the famous Parisian landmark. This is where you’ll find the best views of Vegas’ dancing fountains; the sidewalk at the Café at Paris hotel also provides optimal views of the aquatic wonders.Tour the magnificent gardens at the Bellagio, which are changed six times each year to a new theme. Tours of these beautiful gardens are absolutely free – and you’ll also see some extravagant fountains as well.Surprise the little ones on your Vegas trip with events just for them, like the world-famous Circus, Circus – which features astounding circus acts and a thrilling amusement park with tons of rides for teens and younger kids. The world class circus acts of Circus, Circus are free of charge. You can also get in to see the Lion Habitat at the MGM, and if you arrive at 4 p.m., you’ll be there during feeding time – and there’s no better time to see these ferocious cats.The new Wynn Resort, which is situated across from Trump Tower, is a Vegas-must-see that is complete with an eighteen-hole golf course ($500 per round), a Ferrari showroom, and offers laser light shows (no charge) that are held on their manmade lake.Last of all, taking in a few Vegas shows is mandatory for your Vegas trip. From performances by Cirque du Soleil at the Wynn, Beatles Love at the Mirage, Cher or Elton John at Caesar’s, magician Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo, or America’s Got Talent competitor Terry Factor at the Hilton Las Vegas.These are just a few of the offerings that are available to you when you vacation in beautiful Las Vegas – there are literally hundreds if not thousands of other things to do and see in this Mojave Desert city.

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Are you looking for some entertainment and pleasure? Then going on an out-of-town trip and visiting some fine dining restaurants somewhere else is really fun. Sometimes, people need to have a break and unwind, and get away from their busy schedule and heavy work load. Going to casinos to gamble and eating at fine dining restaurants is a really good way to relax.Every casino offers a wide variety of delicious and tasty menus. The reason behind the relaxing vibe one gets when going to a casino is that not only will you be able to play to your heart’s content – and even make a profit along the way – you will also able to taste some new food on their casino menus.A casino is a place for gambling. There are several gambling games inside a casino including slot machines and card games such as poker. Las Vegas and Atlantic City are the two cities which have the largest concentration of casinos in the United States. Casinos are usually near or combined with five star hotels, and often have tie-ups with luxury cruise ships and restaurants.Casinos also have a wide variety of very tasty food in their menu. Casino menus are usually composed of expensive but very delicious food. The casinos which are located inside a cruise ship offer different types of food and delicacies from different countries around the world. A cruise ship typically has foreigners as passengers. This is the reason why casinos inside cruise ships offer food and dishes that come from different countries.People who go to casinos are often ones who would like to have some fun and pleasure. These are the types of people who just want to experience other cultures through tasting another country’s food and delicacies. Las Vegas and Atlantic City are definitely two of the cities you have to visit. These cities never sleep, and they are full of entertainment and leisure spots. There are several theaters, casinos, five star hotels, bars and restaurants to visit in these cities, all of which are very much recommended for someone who is looking for a place to go to in his or her vacation.A person who works hard to make a living definitely deserves to have a break from time to time and give his or her self a treat. Spending a part of your earnings which came from your hard work is not that bad. If you are planning to take a break and unwind, checking in a high class hotel, playing in a casino and trying out fine dining fare from the wide variety of really delicious casino menus will definitely help you to relax. Gambling is a good way to relax and it is not that bad unless you find yourself addicted to it. There should always be a limit when gambling so you will not be addicted to this activity.

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Circus Circus Las Vegas boasts as being one of the most kid friendly hotels in Las Vegas. With its big top attitude and its indoor amusement park it very well may be. In addition to being the most kid friendly hotel on the Las Vegas strip Circus Circus Hotel is also part of the famed MGM Grand hotel group.The beauty of this particular hotel doesn’t lie so much in its size or even the circus like atmosphere. The charm lies in the fact that it was something new and relatively untried along the Vegas strip. Rather than build to suit the gamblers they were hoping to attract, this particular hotel was wise enough to offer something new and untried by appealing to families with children rather than solely to gamblers.Well, the gamble has paid off in a city that is known for both its hits and its misses. Other hotels and casinos are also working to cultivate the family friendly image that Circus Circus has basically proven. Not only did this hotel build The Adventuredome Theme Park they also decided to make accommodations even more family friendly by accommodating RVs at the Circusland RV Park. This opens a whole new opportunity for vacationing families to stay that might not otherwise grace the theme park, hotel, or the casino.This hotel has a somewhat unique concept that sets it apart from the many others along Vegas’ strip. If you are traveling to Vegas with the family I very much recommend at least checking them out and comparing prices and packages with the other hotels and resorts in the area. Keep in mind that comps are like money in the bank particularly when they involve food or activities that you were planning to do even without the comps. So you may be able to negotiate a much better deal even if you’re paying a couple more dollars a night by having free parking, complimentary meals, or tickets to events, shows, or attractions.Don’t forget that there is a casino involved and that is the primary purpose of this gigantic hotel, resort, and theme park. The casino makes the expense of building it all very much worthwhile and brings in big business of its own each and every day. In grand Vegas style there is also the requisite onsite shopping and of course full service of wedding options in addition to a wedding chapel and banquet facilities in which to hold the reception of your dreams. The shopping at Circus Circus offers everything from ultra exclusive boutique shops and salons to stores such as Under $10 and the trading Post, which offers fad jewelry and other kid friendly gifts.Circus Circus does not disappoint when it comes to offering variety to its guests. In addition to The Steakhouse, there is The Garden Grill, Mexitallia, Casino Cafe, Circus Buffet, Pizzeria, Westside Deli, and Barista Café. The food offerings accommodate varying budgets and familial needs by offering some kid friendly dining choices to visitors and guests as well. And don’t forget that if these restaurants aren’t appealing to you there is another hotel, casino, or restaurant next door that has different fare to offer.If you are looking for a great place to stay in Las Vegas along with the family there are very few hotels that will offer the overall environment of fun and wonder that you will find at Circus Circus. In addition to the wonderful rooms, the great food, the casino, and The Adventuredome Theme Park you will find that the shows here are as kid friendly and entertaining for the entire family as the atmosphere in general. This is one of the best destinations for the family anywhere let alone Las Vegas.