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Each year, the local Las Vegas Newspaper, the Review Journal, publishes a special issue of “The Best of Las Vegas”. The categories selected range from local businesses, entertainment, sports, locations, dining and hotels and related services. The selection process is nominations from the readers of the paper as well as their editor’s picks.To summarize the favorites selected, which will help you plan your next visit to Las Vegas, here’s a recap:The “Best Strip Hotel” selection is the Bellagio according to the readers and Caesars Palace as the RJ pick. The Bellagio continually is the readers pick while Caesars Palace continues to update and re-invent itself. For the Downtown area, the reader’s pick is the Golden Nugget, the crown jewel of downtown which provided many updates this year such as the Shark Tank rising out of the swimming pool, new buffet, Lillie’s Noodle House and more. The RJ pick for the downtown area is the Golden Gate Hotel with its 99-cent shrimp cocktails.All of the hotels feature their own special dining choices, from buffets, coffee shops to gourmet rooms. The “Best New Restaurant” category went to the Hachi Modern Japanese located in the Red Rock Hotel Casino as the Reader’s choice and the B&B Ristorante in the Venetian as the RJ’s pick.Other dining categories selected are: “Best Coffee Shop”, the Café Bellagio as selected by both the readers and the RJ staff, “Best Seafood Restaurant” is Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab Restaurant in the Forum Shops, the Reader’s pick, and Michael Mina at the Bellagio as picked by the RJ, “Best Gourmet Restaurant” is the Bouchon in the Venetian (Readers pick) and the Mix in Mandalay Bay (RJ), “Best Mexican Restaurant”, Gardunos located in the Fiesta Ranch Hotel (Readers) and Casa Cocina in the Cannery Casino (RJ).Other selections are: “Best Italian Restaurant” is Terra Rossa in the Red Rock Hotel Casino (Readers) and Terra Verde at Green Valley Ranch (RJ), “Best Steakhouse” is an old favorite, The Steakhouse located in Circus Circus (Readers pick) and the Canal Street in the Orleans Hotel and Casino. For Asian food, the readers pick was PF Chang’s China Bistro in Planet Hollywood Hotel while the RJ’s selection is Ping Pang Pong in the Gold Coast. Let us not forget the Las Vegas Hotels staple, buffets. The reader’s pick for the “Best Buffet” is the Buffet at Ballagio and the RJ’s pick is Le Village Buffet in the Paris Hotel. The reader’s pick for the “Best Brunch is split between the Buffet at Bellagio and the Bally’s Steak House while the RJ choice is the Broiler located in the Boulder Station Hotel on Boulder Highway.For the best Breakfast specials, the reader’s pick is any of the locations in Station Casino’s but the RJ picked “Wild” at selected Station Casinos. Lastly, for food, let us not forget Shrimp Cocktails, a long time favorite in the Las Vegas casinos. The reader’s picked the shrimp cocktail at the downtown Las Vegas Golden Gate Hotel while the RJ selected the Hacienda Casino by Boulder City.

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Unlike many other jobs offered at Las Vegas casinos, if you want to become a dealer, you need to complete a course at Dealers’ school before you can start work. Many schools in the Las Vegas area offer courses, and some casinos will provide this training to new hires. The course is not a lengthy one; you can expect to finish your training in six weeks or less.Some dealer schools offer job placement assistance and tips on preparing for interviews in the gaming industry. If so, be sure to take advantage of the help offered. You want to project the right kind of image if you want to get hired by a Las Vegas casino as a dealer.One Las Vegas dealer job available is that of craps dealer. Working the craps table takes four people. One person, the box attendant, is responsible for supervising the progress of the game. This individual is also responsible for making decisions about whether a particular roll of the dice was a valid one or not. Another person, known as the stick, is the one who pushes the dice toward the player before a roll.Two craps dealers are located at the other end of the table and are responsible for handling cash and providing players with chips. They make pay the winning players and collect the money the less fortunate players bet in the game.To be a successful craps dealer, you must be able to think on your feet. This is a fast-paced game and you need to have a clear head to follow the action. Your hourly rate of pay won’t be very high; you can expect to make between $6.00 and $9.00 per hour. Most of the money made by craps dealers is attributed to tips from players. An outgoing person who is able to make a connection with players is likely to do well at this type of work.You may also be interested in finding work as a poker dealer. Once again, you will be expected to take a course to get the necessary skills before applying for employment. The course you choose should cover such topics as handling cards, techniques for dealing cards, game rules, how to control the table, and how to interact with players.Blackjack dealers in Las Vegas also need to have completed a special course before getting hired. The course should cover the rules of the game as well as how to deal from a single deck or a double deck. Shuffling machines should also be covered, since this piece of equipment is often used in casinos. You will be shown how to cut the cards, the proper technique for laying out the cards, and how to make payoffs to winners. Being able to control the game is also part of the job, so you will want to make sure that this important topic is covered in your course.Your first job after finishing your dealer training course may be at one of the smaller casinos. You need to have a certain amount of experience before you will be considered ready for employment at one of the larger gaming establishments. These positions will probably be more lucrative for you, since much of your income will come from tips.If you are an outgoing person who likes to see people enjoying themselves, becoming a dealer in Las Vegas may be a good job choice for you. Whether you work in this capacity for a short time or make it a long-term career, you are certain to find it a memorable experience.

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Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the busiest cities in the U.S., and most of the activity is centered on tourists. If you’re planning a Vegas trip, there are some top things to do and top places that you must see while you’re in town.The biggest lure of Las Vegas for the tourist is the plethora of casinos where they can test their luck at a variety of games of chance. You’ll find everything from roulette and blackjack to slot machines and poker, all in the glitziest casinos to be found anywhere in the world. There are entire Vegas trips that are arranged for the gambler – and may feature play at one or more casinos, or tournament action. Vegas can definitely be considered a town that caters to the gambler. Most of the casinos in Las Vegas are located on the world-famous Strip, and there are many, many new hotels that have been built there as well during the past decade or so, and still more in the works. This is the biggest growing section of the city. Take a stroll on the Vegas strip to see the fabulous Luxor pyramid, Excalibur, New York, New York and more.A visit to Las Vegas should also include a trip to downtown Vegas, also referred to as “Old Vegas”, located on Fremont Street. It is here you will experience the glamour of the old-world Las Vegas that you likely saw in gangster films – and it is this section of the city that was the hub of activities before everything started moving to the Strip.Stop by the Golden Nugget, located on the corner of the Strip, for some traditional shrimp cocktail, served the same way for over a hundred years. The price has remained the same for the past four decades,.99 cents, but was recently raised another dollar to keep up with the economic times. You’ll love the Golden Nugget’s atmosphere and nostalgic décor.Transport yourself across the seas without setting foot on a boat to glimpse the Eiffel Tower, a replica of the famous Parisian landmark. This is where you’ll find the best views of Vegas’ dancing fountains; the sidewalk at the Café at Paris hotel also provides optimal views of the aquatic wonders.Tour the magnificent gardens at the Bellagio, which are changed six times each year to a new theme. Tours of these beautiful gardens are absolutely free – and you’ll also see some extravagant fountains as well.Surprise the little ones on your Vegas trip with events just for them, like the world-famous Circus, Circus – which features astounding circus acts and a thrilling amusement park with tons of rides for teens and younger kids. The world class circus acts of Circus, Circus are free of charge. You can also get in to see the Lion Habitat at the MGM, and if you arrive at 4 p.m., you’ll be there during feeding time – and there’s no better time to see these ferocious cats.The new Wynn Resort, which is situated across from Trump Tower, is a Vegas-must-see that is complete with an eighteen-hole golf course ($500 per round), a Ferrari showroom, and offers laser light shows (no charge) that are held on their manmade lake.Last of all, taking in a few Vegas shows is mandatory for your Vegas trip. From performances by Cirque du Soleil at the Wynn, Beatles Love at the Mirage, Cher or Elton John at Caesar’s, magician Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo, or America’s Got Talent competitor Terry Factor at the Hilton Las Vegas.These are just a few of the offerings that are available to you when you vacation in beautiful Las Vegas – there are literally hundreds if not thousands of other things to do and see in this Mojave Desert city.

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GAMBLING TIP#1: Know the game before you play!One of the biggest mistakes that people make is walking into a casino and playing a game that they have no clue about. It is the easiest way to ‘lose’ your money. Quite a few casinos offer some table game lessons. You can learn some tips on how to play a great hand at blackjack, or what is best to bet on in roulette. When you understand the game and want to play, try to find a table that doesn’t have many people. If you get lost at some point, you can possibly ask the dealer for some direction. The dealers are not against you and would rather you understand the game and enjoy your experience. It is usually appreciated and common to give a tip if the dealer assists you in any way.GAMBLING TIP#2: Managing your MoneyGood money management is so important and will end up being your saviour in the casino. The best thing to do is stick to the rules you walked in with. Your rules! The best way to devise a money management plan is to find out how much money you can afford to lose during your vacation and then divide it by the number of days you are staying in Las Vegas. Take that number and divide the amount of gambling sessions you will have on your vacation and then you will know how much you have to play with on each casino visit, without losing your house! Make sure you take this money (and only this money!) with you and leave the credit cards at home. This way you will only be risking your play money and can walk away knowing you are still in a financially stable position. Stick to your own game plan!GAMBLING TIP #3: What is a Player’s Card?A player’s card resembles a credit card because it stores and tracks information about the person that it is assigned to. The card tracks certain information, such as what games you have played and how long, as well as what your average bet has been during those games. You will be required to submit your personal information such as address and phone number when registering for a player’s card. This is so the casino can contact you with comps, gifts and special offers which often include invitations to slot tournaments, room discounts and upgrades.Take advantage of these comps as they are ‘FREE’ and reduce your costs for shows, drinks and meals while you are at the casino. The average amount you have wagered and the time you have spent on the tables will reflect on the comps the casino gives you. When you arrive, go to the registration desk and ask about the casino comp program. Usually, the time limit for using any comps is 6 months, so it is best to use them while you are in this energized neon city. The most important thing to remember when using the player’s card is to keep to your regular playing pattern. If you attempt to stay longer or spend more at a table just to gain comps, you might end up spending more than the comp itself.GAMBLING TIP#4: Ask for a Fun BookWhen you register for a player’s card, most casinos will give you a fun book with coupons for discounts in their casino lounges, restaurants, bars and shops. Some of these fun books also contain match play coupons which may be used to increase your bet at some of the table games, use them!GAMBLING TIP#5: Know when to cash in!If you find yourself sitting at a $5 blackjack table and every hand you get seems to be a winner, the logical thing to do is to increase your bet. If your minimum bet is $5, you then can increase your bet by the same amount, win the hand and maybe increase a bit more, but remain playing at a level that you are comfortable with. It’s best not to jump the gun and bet 5 times the minimum bet if you feel like you are on a roll. If you are a risk taker and lose the hand, then drop your bet back down to your original minimum bet and repeat the process slower this time. You will find that your gambling session lasts longer and you will be able to enjoy the tables for a longer period of time. If the dealer is hot and wins over four hands in a row, it is time to move to another table. Luck is something that comes and goes, even for dealers, but there is no point in waiting around for the dealer to lose their luck. Play smart!